Commentary on the Book of Psalms, Form #17.074 (2024)

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The imprecatory Psalms in the light of the evangelical message

1958 •

John W Silva

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Living Like Kierkegaard: March 2024

Living Like Kierkegaard: March 2024

2024 •

Robert Oh

March 2024 Diary Summary As the dawn of March 2024 heralds the march of days, this diary becomes a repository for the convergence of solemn reflection and spirited action, chronicling the tapestry of experiences woven through the threads of faith, fellowship, and intellectual pursuit. The journey begins with a shared endeavor of spiritual cleansing—a 21-day media and dinner fast with Jenny, an annual ritual now enriched by companionship. This is an act not of denial but of liberation, stepping back from the digital cacophony to embrace the abundance found in stillness and simplicity. This month also witnesses the proliferation of thought in print, with books bearing the weight of philosophical discourse and biblical scholarship reaching completion. The publication of these works is not just an academic milestone; it is a beacon that lights up the intellectual sky of the Korean diaspora and beyond, particularly in regions where such treasures of commentary remain scarce. Each book becomes a vessel of enlightenment, navigating through the tides of 255 million subscribers, bridging gaps, and sowing seeds of wisdom in fertile minds. In the warm embrace of GBS Internet Radio, "Book Talk" finds its rhythm, resounding across the waves to touch Korean hearts scattered across the globe, uniting them in learning and in heritage, reinforcing the threads that bind the diaspora in a tapestry of shared faith and identity. The daily narratives unfold as vignettes—each entry a snapshot capturing the vibrancy of ministry life. From the laughter of children in slum outreach programs to the tranquil retreats in Kep, each moment is an inflection point where lives intersect, where teaching and serving become acts of worship and where the presence of God is as palpable as the Cambodian sun.

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Chris Jeynes

The biblical book of Psalms is discussed from an historical point of view. Who were the original poets, when did they write and what did they intend by their poetry? The short answer to these questions is: "we don't know for sure", but the long answer is considerably more interesting. This poetry from three millennia ago has changed the world, and has the potential to continue changing it.

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From Spirit to Flesh: Psalm 51 and the Practice of Paraphrase Under Henry VIII and Elizabeth Tudor

1994 •

Susan Wise Bauer

Psalm paraphrase in the sixteenth century took place within a changing context. During the first half of the century, Augustinian/Lutheran rules of scriptural interpretation were dominant. The true meaning of Scripture was located outside the text, in the effect that a Psalm produced on the reader. The actual words of the text were less important than the work of the Holy Spirit on the reader during the act of reading. The second half of the century saw the rise of Calvinistic interpretation, which demanded that the literal, historical situation of the text be given greater weight. Calvin also insisted on the importance of the actual words of Scripture. The Psalm paraphrases of Sir Thomas Wyatt and Mary Sidney, represented by Psalm 51, illustrate this shift in interpretive method. Wyatt's paraphrase, published in 1549, uses the words of the biblical psalm freely to transform Psalm 51 into the plea of a courtier for mercy; his paraphrase retains the emotional impact of the biblic...

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Jo Angeline Diendo

Wilmington's Guide to the Bible (with Setswana translation)

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Studies in the Psalms

Studies in the Psalms

1911 •

Bettina Morello


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Psalm 18: The LORD is My Rock

Mike Sampat

Psalm 18 is the Magnum Opus of "the Book of David" or the first 41 entries in the Book of Psalms. It is a song of thanksgiving for God's gift of victory over David's enemies and a powerful encouragement to the followers of Christ. The LORD is our rock, our fortress, our deliverer! Our buckler, and the horn of our salvation, and our high tower!

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Psalms: Devotional and Academic Commentary

2016 •

koot van wyk

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Imprecatory Psalms, Viewed In Light Of The Southern Rebellion

Imprecatory Psalms, Viewed In Light Of The Southern Rebellion

1862 •

Warren S Taylor

Edwards A. Park, Abbot Professor in Andover Theological Seminary, 1862

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Dictionary of the Psalter

Abel Covarrubias

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Commentary on the Book of Psalms, Form #17.074 (2024)
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