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Sam’s Club now has over 600 warehouses across the country. These don’t include the over 500 gas stations they have.

They are making a name in the wholesaler business and you have probably heard of them.

You need to be a member of wholesalers like Costo or Walmart in order to receive their benefits. This comes at a yearly fee that isn’t affordable for many people.

How much does a Sam’s Club membership cost? Are they able to give you a complimentary membership? How can I receive a Sam’s Club Card for free? We will provide all the information you need!

How to Get a Complimentary Sam’s Club Card

Each person with an active Sam’s Club Membership will receive a complimentary Sam’s Club card. You will have all the benefits of your original membership with this complimentary Sam’s Club Card.

You can gift your Sam’s Club Card, if you’ve just purchased a Sam’s Club membership to a spouse or family member.

You need to be aware of certain terms and conditions. These are the main terms and conditions to be aware of:

You can get a free Sam’s Club Card if you meet all requirements. To receive a complimentary card, you must be the spouse, domestic partner, or household member of a primary member.

Sam’s Club membership may seem like a waste of money. Sam’s Club offers many benefits that will make your membership worthwhile.

These are just a few of the many ways that Sam’s Club members can earn value. Then, we’ll get back to the Sam’s Club Card.

How to Join Sam’s club Membership

Sam’s Club offers two memberships: the Club Membership or the Plus Membership. Each membership comes with different benefits, which can lead to different prices.

These are some similarities and differences between Plus and Club Memberships.

Sam’s Club allows you to choose and join any of these memberships. Sam’s Club offers eGift cards valued at $45.

Sam’s Club rewards every new member with an $45 eGift Card that can be used at Sam’s Club. The 45 dollars that you have spent on membership are now returned to your account via an eGift Card.

Learn more about the eGift Card here.

What are other Sam’s Club cards?

Sam’s Club Credit Card or Mastercard can be applied for by all members. These cards can double as Sam’s Club membership cards and also serve as payment methods.

Sam’s Club Credit Card is also available for transactions at other locations. Sam’s Club Credit Card has a huge advantage: there is no annual fees. This is unlike other credit card where you would need to pay an annual fee to maintain the card.

Sam’s Club Credit Card has very few benefits. This is why we recommend the Sam’s Club Mastercard. The Mastercard offers many perks to its users. These are just a few of the perks that come with the Sam’s Club Mastercard.

  • Sam’s cash on Mastercard gas stations that accept Mastercard (only for the first $6,000 in the first year).
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  • Sam’s Cash gives you 3% back on takeout and restaurants.
  • Sam’s Club members get 1% cash back on all other purchases.

These benefits can be seen in Sam’s cash. Are you new to Sam’s cash? Let’s explain it to your eyes.

What is Sam’s cash?

Sam’s Club created Sam’s Cash, a credit system. Members can earn cashback towards Sam’s Club Cash with this credit system.

Sam’s Club will give you your Sam’s cash at the beginning of every month. Sam’s Club will then give you your Sam’s Cash to spend online or in-store.

Sam’s Cash is not required to be signed up. Members will have this feature automatically enabled when they register. Sam’s cash does not expire so earnings can be carried forward from year to year.

Sam’s Cash allows you to track your savings. Logging into your Sam’s Club Account or using the app will allow you to do this. You can also convert this money into cash by visiting a Sam’s Club store to purchase one of their registers.

Sam’s Club members can earn Sam’s cash by making purchases at any Sam’s Club store. You will receive a 1% or 3 percent return depending on which membership you have.


Sam’s Club members have never had a better time to join. Every membership comes with a complimentary gift card that can be used by any member of the household or their family. This card is a complimentary member card that includes all the benefits of a primary card.

Sam’s Club Mastercard and other cards offer additional benefits, including Sam’s cash. Sam’s Club purchases earn Sam’s cash over time. This cash can be used for future purchases or converted into real cash.

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Are you thinking of becoming a Sam’s Club Member? Comment below to let us know!

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How To Get Complimentary Sam’s Club Card? (Everything You Need To Know In 2022) - Talk Radio News (2024)


How to get a complimentary Sam's card? ›

Add a Complimentary cardholder or add-on(s) during registration or later via your account's Additional Cardholders page. The complimentary card is free of charge and grants membership benefits to a household, family member who is 18 years of age or older.

How to get Sam's card? ›

How do I get my membership card?
  1. Membership cards are not mailed after joining. ...
  2. If you joined online, you can start shopping right away with your digital membership card in the Sam's Club app. ...
  3. If you'd still like a physical card, you can request one at the Member Service Desk during your next club visit.

Is the 14.99 Sam's Club membership real? ›

The Sam's Club $14.99 promotion is hosted by StackCommerce and offers new members a substantial discount on a 1-year membership, which normally retails for $45. Also included is a free $10 Sam's Club eGift card, a limited-time bonus.

Can I use my mom's Sam's Club card without her? ›

Membership cards are non-transferable and are inclusive to card and household cardholders. With a membership you are granted one primary membership card and another card for a spouse or member of your household 18 years of age or older. For security purposes, ONLY YOU the member on record, may use your membership card.

How many complimentary memberships does Sam's Club have? ›

$50 for an annual membership that includes one card for the primary account holder and a free, complimentary card for another member of your household. Add on up to 8 additional members at a reduced rate of $45 each, each including a complimentary. An Add-on can also create their own membership.

How do you get the 45 dollars from Sam's Club? ›

The warehouse club is offering new members a $45 credit to use on your first Sam's Club purchase (made within 60 days of joining) when they sign up for an annual fee of $45.

Is the 19.99 Sam's Club membership real? ›

You will receive your Club membership activation voucher by email, along with: Become a member for only $19.99 + Get a $20 Travel & Entertainment Credit. Complimentary card: One free additional household membership. Perks like curbside Pickup for a $4 fee and Scan & Go™ contact-free checkout.

Can I get the $8 Sam's Club membership online? ›

You will only be able to redeem the offer in person at all Sam's Club locations. Plus memberships are excluded from the deal. To learn more, visit the Sam's Club website. Copyright 2022 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.

How much is a Sam's Club membership in 2024? ›

One-year Sam's Club memberships are currently as low as $25 for May 2024 so you can not only save on your groceries, appliances, and seasonal decor, you'll save on the membership itself! Below, we've mapped out everything you need to know about joining Sam's Club and how you can save up to 50% right now.

Can you borrow someone's Sam's Club card? ›

You get just one primary card and one secondary card. That secondary card can only be given to a household member who is age 18 or over. You can bring your friends shopping with you if they want to try Sam's Club for themselves, but loaning anyone else your card is a no go.

Can I buy from Sam's Club if I'm not a member? ›

If you're going to regularly shop at Sam's Club, an annual membership would be more financially efficient. However, you are able to shop at the store if you purchase a guest pass with a 10% service fee charged on your items.

Can I go into Sam's Club without my card? ›

Next time you find yourself standing at the entrance of a Sam's Club without your membership card, remember that you can still shop to your heart's content. The accommodating staff will gladly provide you with a temporary shopping pass, ensuring that your forgetful moment doesn't put a damper on your shopping spree.

Can you go to Sam's Club without a membership card? ›

Aside from the areas open to the general public, you need a membership or gift card to shop most of the Sam's Club store. We suggest finding a family member, friend, or neighbor with a membership and asking if you can tag along.

How to use Sam's card without card? ›

Just download the app and log in to get started as soon as you join. One note: We're trying to reduce our footprint on the planet, and you can help! By downloading the app and using your digital card, we can limit our use of plastic. If needed, you can also request a physical card in club.

Can you shop at Sam's Club if you forgot your card? ›

Next time you find yourself standing at the entrance of a Sam's Club without your membership card, remember that you can still shop to your heart's content. The accommodating staff will gladly provide you with a temporary shopping pass, ensuring that your forgetful moment doesn't put a damper on your shopping spree.

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