Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha! (2024)

Chapter 1


I am Chastity Reid.Chassy,for short,and an omega,just like my mother,Merlisa,who is also from the Red Moon Pack and found her mate in human territory who happens to be my father,whom I haven't remembered or seen since I was a child.I don't remember my mom treating me nicely either.She was always yelling and shouting at me,which made me realize at such a young age that she didn't care or love me.

We have our own house,but we both work in the pack house.There was no time that she never shouted at me every time she saw me.As I entered the lion's lair within the pack house,the atmosphere was tense.My mother,once a lively woman but now overcome with resentment,was holding a boiling pot as she stood at the stove.As I stepped inside the door,my heart was thumping.

About time you showed up,you useless creature,she shouted,her eyes shrinking into slits of contempt.Did you think I'd continue to make your terrible meals?

I attempted to remain calm as my throat constricted and a lump formed.I'm sorry,Mom,I said.

Sorry?she replied with a sarcastic melody in her laugh.Omega,you're simply a burden and a continuous reminder of your pitiful excuse for a father,so sorry doesn't cut it,she added.I made fists with my hands and dug my nails into my palms.Each of her remarks pierced my tender sense of self-worth like a blade.Determined not to give her satisfaction,I bit my lip to hold back a response.

A bunch of young omegas entered the room as if on cue,their eyes gleaming with vile delight.They functioned as a pack inside a pack,and their power came from their mutual contempt for me.Then,Arlene,who had a twisted smile,took the lead,moved forward,and made a sarcastic remark,Well,well,see who chose to bless us with her appearance.Did you emerge from your burrow specifically to make us all ill?

My heart was thumping like a caged bird as my eyes darted from one face to another.I want to get away from their never-ending assault,but I'm aware that doing so would only make things worse.So I said,Leave me alone,barely audible.

Arlene's hands were visibly placed against her chest as she pretended to be surprised.Oh,did the omega just speak?I had no idea you could put words together.

The bunch burst out laughing,sending vicious laughter reverberating off the walls.My fingers clenched at my sides as my cheeks burned with embarrassment,and I still had to put up with this to demonstrate that their words couldn't harm me.

Then another omega scoffed,a sly grin spreading over her lips.You know,I heard omegas like you are good for nothing.

As I prepared for the shock of their words,my face turned pale and my heart sank.Every taunt and jeer served as a reminder of my position within the pack's hierarchy,which I had not chosen but was compelled to follow.Pathetic,Arlene spouted,her disgusted mouth twisting.

I struggled to stop the tears from flowing as they welled up in my eyes as my eyesight became foggy.I refused to give them the gratification of seeing me cry and wouldn't allow them to.But what they said weighed heavily on me,and I felt as though I was suffocating as a result.

What are you still standing at?Start doing your chores!Mom shouted.So I started to do as she said and passed through the others who were there to mock me.I don't know why they were acting like that when,just like me,they were also omegas and didn't have their wolf

Every day,I would pray to the moon goddess to give me a mate who would accept me and take me away from this sh*thole that I am in.I should have felt safe and secure because I had a pack that I should call home.And that scene is a constant occurrence in my life that I wanted to change.

The Red Moon Pack is the strongest in the region.Our Alpha,who didn't have his mate yet,was passing the time by banging on different women and was the strongest Alpha as well.No pack would dare get in his way if they wanted to keep their packs safe.He was assisted and supported by his strong Beta,named Limuel,and Gamma,Jack.

While everyone was happy being in the pack that was led by strong leaders,my existence was a tapestry of suffering and gloom.I have been aware of the weight of cruelty and rejection since my earliest memories.Yes,I was an omega by birth and bore the stigma associated with my mother's position,which appeared to define who I was.

A feeling of melancholy that matched my feelings was carried by the wind as it rustled through the thick woodland that encircled the pack's area.The pack members started to move in the early morning light,their movements serving as a reminder of the world to which I belonged,yet I was still an outcast.

I sat on the sidelines as the pack's kids laughed and played because I knew that if I got involved,people would laugh at me.After my father left us,my mother was my nightmare even when I was awake,while my alpha did nothing.I would never have believed if he had said that everything that was happening to me had not come to his attention.I hate him for making me feel unsafe with my mother and my own pack.I hate that he doesn't use his power to protect someone like me who only wants to be accepted.

Three days.All I need is to wait for three days,and I will be able to smell my mate.If he's not in this pack,I am going to leave here and look for him.It's better than finding him here only to reject me.I don't think that I will be able to handle it if that happens.Anyone is OK with me;just don't make him one of the pack members,please,moon goddess.

Chapter 2


The sun is still down,but my eyes open on their own.I looked around my room,which I didn't think anyone would be able to sleep in besides me.Besides a cot that I took from the used things in the pack's garbage area and my worn-out bag with a few worn-out clothes that I also got from where I got my cot,A space where I could sleep was the only thing that my mother could provide me with.

I roamed my eyes around,and there was nothing unusual except for the fact that I felt like my eyesight had become clearer.I could also hear noises coming from—I don't know where—because it was very faint.The scent of my room became stronger,and I realized that it smelled like sh*t,just like my life.'Hi,'I said in my head,trying to get a response from my wolf if I had it.But there was nothing.It was all nothing but silence,no matter how many times I greeted her.

Am I really wolfless?Will there be no hope of changing my fate?Will there be no chance for my kind to have a reason to accept me,even if that shouldn't be the case?After minutes of contemplation,I decided not to feel discouraged.It was still early,and I still had a whole day to wait to see if my wolf would resurface or not.I got up from my cot and started to warm up.It was going to be a long day and,just like any other day,tiring because of the pack members who were happy to see me suffer.

'Hey,'I tried to say in my head again,hoping someone would reply,but still,there was no one.I went out of my room holding a hand-me-down towel and worn-out clothes to go to the bathroom at the end of the hall.Mom's house was slightly bigger.It was from her parents,who were both fighters of the Red Moon Pack,so I wondered why she was an omega.I took a bath in a hurry because the water was so cold.Mom didn't want me to use the heater as it would consume electricity.

After I was done,I went back to my room and looked in the mirror.Hahaha…Mirror my ass.It was the glass window that I used as a mirror because I had already said that my room was bare.It was a plain room,without my cot and bag.I look good,as always.Of course,that's only in my eyes.I don't know about the others.I then went out of my room again and went downstairs,ready to work in the packhouse kitchen and receive maltreatment from other pack members.

I'm 18 and supposed to be having a good time off,but my mother will never let me.So,here I am,walking my way to the pack house,where my mother was starting to work for sure.No one in the pack was kinder.Everywhere I walked,there was murmuring and snickering,a continual reminder that I was their target.Each statement was a lash to my flimsy sense of self,causing me physical and mental damage.

I encountered taunts and teasing in the training yard when I passed as adolescent wolves rehearsed their shifts and sharpened their abilities.I couldn't get the fortitude to face them,so I turned my attention to the ground as their boos resounded in my ears.It was still early,but they were so lively and energetic,tormenting me.

One of the more experienced wolves shouted,Hey,Omega!Show us your shift!Oh wait,you can't!which caused the gathering to roar with hilarity.

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment as everyone could see that I was unable to shift.I clenched my hands,torn between the desire to fight back and the understanding that doing so would only worsen the pain.So I continued walking my way to the pack house,and I couldn't help but remember why I suddenly stopped coming to school,even though I love to study.

School ought to have been a getaway,an opportunity to find comfort in books and knowledge.However,I discovered that I was ignored even in this educational environment and experienced the pain of exclusion most keenly in the classroom,which served as a microcosm of pack dynamics.

My thoughts strayed as I sat alone at my desk with a book open.I had always been drawn to tales of valor and fortitude,heroes who conquered hardship.I felt a spark of optimism at those moments,a desire to overcome the suffering that had dominated my existence.

And then,from behind me,a voice mockingly said,Hey,omega girl,why don't you just give up?No one here wants you.

My heart sank when the same malice that followed me everywhere entered my refuge.I closed my eyes,finding solace in the made-up worlds that had given me a momentary break from reality.

Because I thought that nothing was going to change even if I finished school unless I shifted,I decided to stop,and my mom was so happy that she didn't need to spend money on me.As if she really did.

You're late,my mom's voice boomed into my being,and then I realized that I was already at the pack house.I had my head down and started to work on my chores so I wouldn't get scolded by her,which I thought was only wishful thinking for me.Because no matter what I do,she still hates me and will always yell and shout at me.

It was in the afternoon when Alpha Xander asked for me in his room.Get his laundry and clean his room.Don't do anything stupid,or I am going to break your legs.Mom threatened me.I nodded my head and went to the 4th floor,where Alpha Xander's room was.I didn't want to go there because I didn't want to see him either.All the time that there was a pack gathering,I would hide myself and try to make myself invisible to everyone,especially high-ranking officials.

As I approached his room,a sudden feeling of nervousness engulfed me.I don't know,but I had a feeling that something was going to happen,and I was sure that I wouldn't like it.I was in front of his room when I smelled it.It was the most intoxicating scent I have ever smelled.I should be happy,but it scares me because I know who owns the room behind the door that I was standing in front of.He is there,my mate.My heart sank when the realization hit me that he was not going to accept me and that I would end up being rejected.

Without expecting anything,I knocked on the door,then I heard him say,Come in.

Chapter 3


Come in,Alpha Xander's voice echoed.I turned the knob and opened the door,trying to appear relaxed.I didn't want to convey my true feelings about our bond.After closing the door and heading towards his laundry,I was stunned to find him by the bathroom door,clad only in a towel around his waist.It was mind-blowing,not because it was the first time I saw the opposite sex in such a state,but because I knew he was mine,and I desired him.

No,I shouldn't want him.He would never accept me,only reject me.I was sure of it.Summoning my courage,head down,I said,I will just get your laundry,Alpha.

Alpha,you say?he asked,acknowledging my knowledge of our mate bond.My mate,an alpha,the strongest,had known about our connection but did nothing when I was mistreated.The one who should have provided security chose the company of another she-wolf or woman over caring for his bullied,wolf-less mate.

Yes,Alpha,I insisted.

You know who I am to you,he said.

Yes,you are my Alpha,I replied,refusing to let him mock me.I wouldn't claim him;without a wolf,it wouldn't be too difficult.I was the only one who would suffer.

I heard him growling,but I didn't flinch and kept my head down.Look at me,he ordered,and I did.He looked at me intently,the mate bond making me feel a desire as soon as our eyes met.I didn't have a wolf,so I shouldn't feel this way,so why?

Then,my feet were swept off the floor,carried to his bed.No,this is not going to be good.I shouldn't let the mate bond overtake me.Put me down!I shouted.I knew he was my alpha,and I had no right to resist,but I didn't want him to touch me.It stirred a desire I thought was not good for me.

I don't know what you are talking about,Alpha.Just let me do what I came here for,I replied,and he just looked at me.After a while,he smirked.Yeah,smirk all you want because I am not going to let myself fall for the bond that only those who have wolves should feel.

Oh,that has been my plan,he said,kissing me.My eyes widened in shock because I never thought he would do that.I knew the type of woman he liked,and I was far from that,so why is he doing this?Even if I am his mate,the fact that he was with another woman,even after knowing that I am his,is enough for me to hate him even more.

I tried to push him,but who am I fooling?No matter what I do,I can never do that.He is an alpha and way stronger than me.Plus,my body wanted him as well.No,this is not happening.I should stop him.I won't be able to leave the pack if I let him do as he pleases.

Wait,if he wanted me,does that mean he is going to claim me?Then,will I become Luna?With that in mind,I decided to accept him.This must be what the moon goddess saved and stored for me—to be with the strongest alpha in the region.Even if I didn't know how,I tried to respond to his kisses.He stiffened for a moment;maybe he never thought I would do that.But I am willing to take a leap and risk my feelings.I may not like him as much,but he is still my mate.

The laundry and cleaning that I was supposed to do in his room were long forgotten as our bodies collided.It was painful as it was my first time,and I thought that he was already done,but I was wrong.Alpha…I moaned when I felt that I was about to cum again.He was so gentle and caring that I thought he was going to mark me.

But no matter how many times we did it,he didn't.We were both panting,lying on his bed,and,I admit it,I was above the clouds,and I didn't want to end it.I looked at him and found him looking at me as well.I was about to ask him why he didn't mark me,but he talked first.


Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha! (2024)
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