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"I, Alpha Xander Finch of the Red Moon Pack,” he said. Wait, is he going to accept my rejection now? “Reject your rejection, Alpha Chastity Reid of the Silver Moon Pack,” he added, and my eyes widened when I felt something extraordinary. Maybe he felt it too because he was surprised as well. Then he carried me before he pinned me at the back of the now already closed door and kissed me and, oh goddess, I felt like I missed him for a thousand years already, so I kissed him back.*****Chassy, an omega who carries the weight of her heritage, is mistreated by her mother and the Red Moon Pack for her entire existence. Her real potential, which was acquired from a father who came from a mysterious lycan clan, is hidden from her and her tormentors. She found out that Xander, her Alpha, was her mate. For some reason, he hurt her. As a result Chassy leaves and rejects him.But destiny has more in store for her. With the advent of her lycan beast, she unexpectedly rises to the position of alpha in her adopted pack. Then she met her father whom she never knew and found out more about herself.The persistent vampires, push packs to band together under an alliance. Chassy's previous and present lives intersect when Xander stops by her new pack for a joint training session against this backdrop of peril and unity. Will Xander and Chassy be able to cross the gap between them? Can they stand together in the face of the impending vampire threat?What will Chassy do when she knows that she's unable to give Xander an heir and a boy with his mother comes to the pack claiming Xander to be the father?

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  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0235Allie, once a fierce gamma and confidante, had risen to the position of Beta beside Sims; his determination and loyalty shine through. Nixon, the astute and reliable head tracker, continued to play a pivotal role in maintaining order and security within the pack as the new gamma. Together, the trio
  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0234"I won't let Silas's sacrifice be in vain," I declared, my voice infused with determination. "We need to honor his dream. I want to work with Carlile to ensure the welfare of the vampires and to build bridges instead of walls." Xander's eyes, clouded with grief, held a spark of gratitude. "Chassy,
  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0233Chassy In the aftermath of the war, the Red Moon Pack stood resilient, their borders secure, and their unity unbroken. The once-turbulent skies now painted a serene canvas overhead, signaling the end of the violent conflict that had gripped them. However, victory came at a cost, and the pain of los
  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0232Amidst her tears and the guttural sobs that escaped her lips, Chastity struggled to make sense of a world that had suddenly become desolate. Silas, her confidant, protector, and beloved mate were gone—a sacrificial offering in the relentless pursuit of protecting the pack. Unbeknownst to Chastity,
  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0231Chastity, confronting the ancient vampire in his demonic form, stood undeterred. The primal essence of the Lycan within her surged in response to the unholy presence before her. The mate bond, an unbreakable link, throbbed with a symphony of shared emotions, binding their fates amidst the chaos of w
  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0230Third Person In the heart of the supernatural tempest, Chastity faced Dylan, the vampire elder, whose powers transcended the ordinary. The air cracked with the collision of their energies, each a formidable force vying for dominance. Chastity, her Lycan instincts honed by centuries of survival, met
  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0229Chastity, sensing the struggle Silas faced, channeled her strength into repelling the encroaching forces. Limuel and her warriors, under her command, fought valiantly to hold their ground. The moonlit battlefield became a symphony of combat, the clash of fangs and claws, the resonance of metal again
  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0228Third Person Silas, torn between defending against the onslaught of a vampire elder and his deep concern for Chastity, felt the weight of the predicament. The tumultuous dance of beings bonded by fate and enmity transformed the battlefield into a chaotic symphony of clashes and roars as the moon ca
  • Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha!Chapter 0227The angry vampire, however, remained unyielding. His eyes, cold and unrelenting, locked onto Silas with a mixture of disappointment and disdain. "Honor? Do you speak of honor after aligning yourself with a Lycan? Our kind doesn't mix with theirs, especially not in matters of the heart. You've chosen

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