Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha! (2024)

Chapter 49

Third Person

Is it true?the vampire elder asked one of the council members.

Yes,my Lord,the council member answered.We found out that a Lycan was born about 21 years ago.


Red Moon Pack.

So,it was the reason why Drake told me that you are lurking around that pack with a few of ours?

Yes,my Lord.And I'm sorry that some of them lost their lives.I wanted to make sure about what I dreamed years ago.

Very well,since you have a reason for it,you are forgiven.But don't do that again.Let's not waste our resources just like that.If you want to do something,you have to use your head.We need forces to defeat that Lycan and the werewolves.

Yes,my lord,the council replied as he bowed his head in respect.

The vampire elder has been in hibernation and has only awakened.In his absence,he appointed Drake to take over the coven.He was his most trusted man and second in command when he reigned and was tasked to look after the council members as well.He didn't want any of them to betray him because he knew that they wanted his brother to lead the whole coven and noble houses around the world.

The council is primarily formed to constantly remind the leading elder about their purpose.But as the elders knew,they didn't like him.You can leave,the elder vampire said,and the council member bowed before he did as he said.


Yes,my Lord,his right-hand man answered.

You know what to do.

Yes,my lord.I am going to have him followed,Drake replied.As for the Lycan,do you want me to check on it personally?he asked.

Do it discreetly,and I don't want the council to know that we are already on it.There's no way that I am going to let them know my plans.

Yes,My Lord,he answered and left the chamber.The elder who had just been awakened was left in deep thought.As far as he knew,no Lycan would be born in this world.He knew about the curse,and he believed it.He knew about the last Lycan clan that was cursed by a witch.That's why he wanted to think about it.He didn't want to worry himself about that fact since the Lycan would be a woman.He doesn't believe that a female Lycan would be able to accomplish anything if not for the eerie feeling that suddenly consumed him.

The elder vampire is Silas Ardelean,the oldest of the two siblings.They alternately reigned their coven and had been in hibernation for almost the same time because the youngest,Dylan Ardelean,was defeated by wolves and hunters during his reign.He was believed to be stronger than his brother,and his sudden weakness that caused him to hibernate made the council suspect Drake,who sabotaged his reign.

Now that Silas is awake and aware of the conflict his reign has to face,he wants to get the council's support but realizes that he will be having a hard time with them.He thought that the character he sensed with one of them earlier made him believe that they were still rooting for Dylan,which angered him.

He closed his eyes and calmed himself.He didn't want his greediness to cloud his judgment,but if he ever found out that the council would be of no help to him,he was sure to dispose of them one by one.With that thought,he suddenly remembered someone he knew he could use to execute his plan.Someone he knew who would never say no to him.His lips curved for a smile,and an evil plan started to form in his mind.

Meanwhile,the council member who talked to Silas went to the others and informed them about what they talked about.Do you think he believes you,Alejandro?

Of course,Nicolo,he replied,Even if he denies it,he knew to himself about the prophecy that had been told to us.A Lycan that will lead the werewolves in defeating us.

This is an urgent matter,and we need to make sure that everything is settled once Dylan awakens,Vladimir chimed in.Even if we are not in favor of Silas,we have to do our job and help him defeat those wolves.

The vampire council consists of 8 members.Five of them are on Dylan's side,and the other three are to whoever the elder leader is reigning.They didn't want to get themselves entangled in a rift between the brothers because they knew what would happen to them once they found out that they were choosing sides.

Though it was different from the five members who were adamant about ending Silas's leadership,they were not afraid of getting killed as long as their cause had been fulfilled.They believe that Dylan is the strongest of the two,even if Silas is older.In terms of leadership,they also believe that the youngest did better than the current one.

They had a meeting and started planning on how they would be able to use Silas to succeed and be victorious versus the werewolves before they executed their plan of killing him without the chance of being reborn or awakened anymore.They would wait for the right time until Dylan was ready and make him their elder leader.

There are other elders in another coven,but the nobles are the only ones who have the right to lead.Silas and Dylan are the only pure,noble vampires left.The others were only half because of the pure,noble vampires who decided to get humans as their partners.

Silas didn't want us to use any in the coven as bait.I don't know if he really wanted to preserve everything or what.But I'm sure that he was thinking of a plan on how he will succeed,Alejandro said.

Then we need to provide him with whatever we know,Nicolo replied.

That's already one of the plans.I'm sure that he is going to send someone to the Red Moon Pack,so we have to be ready,and we need to try and get some updates from him,which I had a feeling he will never give to us.The other council agreed and started to talk about the information that they were willing to provide to Silas without harming their personal agenda.


Chapter 50


Three days.I stayed in my pack for three days,kept myself busy with all my duties,and had Sims and Allie take their breaks.They didn't want to,but after giving them an Alpha command,they didn't have much of a choice.Being idle only caused me to overthink.I started being irrational,and the finality of my decision kept distorting because of the worry that was constantly present in me.

'Can you calm down?'Thea asked.She's quiet,but after we found out about Xander's son,she became extremely quiet.I wanted to ask her opinion after I came back here but respected her,so I held my questions to myself.Now that she's the one who initiated the conversation,there's no way that I am going to let it pass.

'What are we going to do?'I asked.'You can feel my worries and uncertainty;why aren't you talking to me?'

'I am also thinking.Rion was cool about it,and he said that there was nothing to worry about,'she replied.

'How can you believe him?'

'Because he's our mate.I always believe what our mate tells us.'

'Are you not worried about us?'

'What's there to worry about?'she asked,

'The she-wolf,'

'So you're jealous?'she asked,

'Are you not?'

'No!Rion only wants me,us.'I admire her confidence,and I want to borrow some from her.Why can't I have that?

'It's not actually about the jealousy.It's because she managed to give Xander an heir.'

'Which we will be able to do as well,'she replied.I wanted to laugh at her.Did she forget about our family?

'We will conceive a child.About his son,we don't know what he will become,but we just hope that he will grow up according to our mate's will.And what are you worried about?You're going to live with them;the boy will recognize and accept you because you will too.'

I sighed heavily,hoping against hope that what she said was going to come true.I am not angry at the boy.He had no idea about being conceived and born in this world.I am not a close-minded person to this kind of situation,and I will never become an evil stepmother like what the kids watched on TV.

'Thank you,Thea.I hope you are right.'I said that ended our conversation.I will be returning to the Red Moon Pack the following day,so I will just have to finish everything I can so my beta and gamma can relax a bit.I wanted to spend time in my workshop,but I don't think I can still do that with all the responsibilities that I have to fulfill,not just as an Alpha but also as a Luna.

The morning comes,and I wake up early to prepare myself.Daddy Jay told me to have my breakfast first before I left,but I decided to eat at Dad's diner.Even if we are seeing each other in the Red Moon Pack,we still don't talk most of the time simply because of the training that I am prioritizing as well.Maybe I will be able to have a few conversations with him while I am eating.

Good morning,she greeted me happily.I wish I was like him.After he and Mom talked and got back together,every day seemed like a good day for him all the time.I don't think he will be able to face a single day creasing his forehead or worrying about something.And that made me envious of him.He had his mate by his side,and to him,everything was perfect and complete.

I am with my mate as well,and I felt that feeling until a woman with her son appeared before Xander.Good morning,Dad,I replied,

What do you want to have?he asked,

I don't know;why don't you surprise me?I asked as well,teasing.He chuckled and nodded his head.I waited for him to come back,and while doing that,I couldn't help but remember the look in Xander's eyes as he looked at his son.It was full of love and adoration.I guess being a parent is something he looks forward to and is natural for him.

Maybe I was so occupied with my thoughts that I didn't notice a woman approach me and knock on my table.I look at her and crease my forehead when I realize who she is while she sat comfortably on the chair opposite mine.

Is there anything I can help you with?I asked politely.I can feel that she wasn't here for a friendly chat,but I still do what a Luna should do.

Did you already forget about me?How the hell did she ask me that?Or she's trying to mock me?

Excuse me?She chuckled,rolling her eyes at me.It seems to me that she doesn't know where she should stand.

I am Sena;we see each other in the Red Moon Pack,and I am the mother of Xander's son.All she had to do was say she was Ethan's mother,but she drew Xander's name and let everyone hear about it.

Don't you know your son's name?I asked,It was easier to sayI am Ethan's motherthan I am the mother of Xander's son.I added,

I just like to emphasize our connections.

As far as I know,you have a connection with Ethan,but not with Xander.

Being the mother of his child--

You are nothing special;you don't know;he might have a child with another she-wolf as well,and they could be older than Ethan,I said,and I saw her face grim.She was ready to rebuke,but,While I hold his mark on my neck,you have to respect me and come to me respectfully.If you came to Xander for your son,that's fine with me.But never use the boy so you could get near MY MATE or you're going to lose both of them.

Are you telling me that you're not going to let me see my son?

I am only saying that,compared to you,I think I will love and treat Ethan better.She was furious,and that was evident on her face.It's not as though I was scared of her;hell no.But I didn't want to cause trouble for Xander as well.She stood up and was about to slap me,but Allie suddenly came and said,

Alpha!he said,bowing his head.I roll my eyes at him because I don't need his help at all.

Did you think that I was going to cause trouble here?I asked,

No,Alpha.I just want to greet you.

Idiot,I just left the pack,and we just saw each other.Stop the act and tell me what it is.

Nothing,he replied,smiling and giving me a peace sign.Then I stand up and look at Sena eye-to-eye,

Yes,you heard him right.I am not just a Luna;I am Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack.So never approach me again,as if you have all the right to do so.If you want Xander,better drop it.Because I am not going to give him to you,no matter what.I told her while I leaked my Lycan aura.Never in my wildest dream was I going to show off my power and strength just because I was threatened by another she-wolf.But the hell do I care?Xander is mine,and mine alone.Get the hell out of my sight!I commanded,and she rushed out of the diner along with her friends,who were sitting on the table not too far from mine.They were laughing and mocking me for being alone and neglected by Xander since I didn't have anyone with me.They are thinking that my mate let me roam around unprotected.They are fools if they thought I never heard their whispering.

I sat back in my chair,and Dad arrived with my food.The aura that I emitted earlier was long gone,and I started eating happily with Allie.

Chapter 51


Chas!Xander said this when I entered his office.He stood up and met me halfway.I wanted to talk to you,and after you left,I felt so anxious,he said.I believe him because,until now,he still looked that way.

Yeah,I said we would talk about it,right?I replied,and he nodded,so I walked to his table and sat on the chair in front.The same chair that Sena sat on when I found them talking here with Ethan.

Have you eaten?I'll ask the kitchen to–

It's fine;I already ate at Dad's,I said and waited for him to sit back in his chair.I am nervous;I don't deny that.Who wouldn't when even married couples get divorced?How much more us,who live separately?

Chas,I know this is sudden.I wanted to think that it wasn't true,but it is,he started.I love you,and the goddess knew how much.If only I could turn back time–

Stop it,Xander,I said,and he started to look worried;he must have thought that I was going to reject him.I smiled at him and continued.Don't hurt your son,so don't say it.It happened,and we can't do anything about it.Don't be too guilty about it since you didn't have a mate at that time yet.

Chas…Yes,he was speechless.He didn't expect me to say those words.

I admit,I felt hurt and threatened.A woman came here with your son.An heir that I know I can never give you.I started to think that she'd get all your favors,along with her son.While my son will be an outcast for being a human–

That's not going to happen.I am not going to let it happen,Chas.I love you.I love everything about you,including the child that you will be able to give me.It's not about having an heir.There's a lot of good lineage of warriors in the pack that I can transfer my title to in the future.But there will only be one of you.I felt touched.

'See?Mate,love us.'Thea said,and I couldn't agree more.

Anyway,Sena called,he said,and that made me frown,and he smiled.You're pissed.

Who wouldn't?

What did she say?

You didn't know?I asked curiously.

She told me that you met at the diner and you got angry.

She wanted you back.

That's not going to happen because I was never hers to begin with,he immediately replied.I raised a brow at him,and he chuckled.I like it.


When you're jealous,it makes me think that you love me.

Isn't that obvious?

Sometimes I need to hear it,you know,he replied,and that made me roll my eyes at him.I felt relieved after this conversation.Now,I have to prepare myself for his son.Will he accept me as his stepmother?

About Ethan,I said.

I talked to him,and I think he'll like you,he replied.

I hope so,he smiled at me and got up from his chair before he stood up in front of me.He took my hand and made me stand as well.

He will.You are the most understanding,caring,and loving person I've ever known,he said as he caressed my face.

Let me talk to him.I mean,just us.I said.He looked at me intently,trying to gauge the gravity of my words.Then he smiled and said,

Sure,I'll call him here.I nodded,and he left me to get the boy.

How are you?I asked,How do you like the pack?I added,smiling.I didn't want him to feel scared or uncomfortable around me.

Fine,I guess,he replied with his head down.I didn't say anything because I wanted him to tell me more.He sighed and

Not Just A Luna; I Am Alpha! (2024)
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