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Janet lay on the ground, her hands tied to her back, her mouth clogged. Her sister Harper was right next to her, sobbing lowly in fear.

Earlier today, they encountered a group of rogues in the forest on their picnic trip.

These rogues kidnapped them and were now calling their parents for ransom.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, I have your two daughters here.”

A rogue smirked dangerously while looking down at Janet and Harper.

“If you want them back safe and sound, I’ll need 200 million!”

Janet held her breath in excitement.

She heard her mother Hellen’s anxious voice from the speaker:

“—Oh my god! Harper, where are you? Are you OK?!”

The rogue put the phone next to Harper, who immediately let out a muffled cry.

Their father Paul’s shrill voice popped up on the phone:

“My sweet darling Harper! Please don’t hurt Harper!”

Janet widened her eyes as tears streamed down her cheek.

Her parents didn’t even mention a single word about her.

All they cared about was Harper.

“But we don’t have 200 million…” she heard her father say, “How about I give you 100 million and you just give my Harper back?”

Even the rogue sounded surprised now:

“What are you talking about? You just want one daughter back?”

“Yes, we just need Harper!” Their youngest brother Owen cried. “We won’t pay a penny for that loser Janet.”

“Yes. From now on, we’ll have only one sister. And that is Harper,” their middle brother John added to that.

Janet closed her eyes in despair.

Her body and heart were turning cold.

Everyone loved Harper more than her.

In fact, since her childhood, Janet had been trying super hard to please everyone in her family.

She cooked for the entire household, she did Owen’s homework, she let John use her like a punching bag and she polished Paul’s shoes every day.

Janet lived like a servant.

But all that hard work was still not enough to make them like her.

The Diaz were common citizens, but they were filthy rich.

They spend hundreds of millions on jewelry every year.

But they were unwilling to spare a 100 million on her.

The rogue got off the phone and gestured to his accomplices to escort Harper out.

Harper’s eyes were filled with tears of joy. She didn’t even spare a single glance at Janet before she left.


The rogue crouched down by Janet and removed the clog in her mouth.

“—You are useless now,” he crackled an evil laugh. “Any last words?”

Janet gulped down and stared at the sharp blade in his hands.

“C—Call my husband!” she said urgently. “He is Daran Albright, Riverside Pack’s Alpha. He’ll be more than willing to pay my ransom!”

The rogue raised an eyebrow and did what she said, calling Daran.

Janet stared at the phone nervously.

Her heart almost jumped out of her throat when the call was connected, and then she heard Daran’s familiar sexy voice:


“Daran! It’s me, Janet!” She blurted out sobbing. “I’m kidnapped by a group of rogues, and they want a 100 million—”

“I heard what happened.”

Daran’s voice was so cold that it almost sounded indifferent. As though it was a stranger, not his own wife who was kidnapped.

Daran asked aloofly, “Is Harper safe now?”

Janet’s heart sank.

…no…not her husband too!

“You shouldn’t take Harper out on such a dangerous trip.” Daran said coldly on the phone, “You are reckless and irresponsible. I don’t think you are fit to be my Luna anymore.”

Janet’s body trembled in disbelief, “…W—What did you say?”

It was Harper’s idea to go on this picnic trip! Harper even insisted on going over the borderline!

And Janet had been nothing but dedicated to her Luna duties and she even took over all the maid’s work despite her husband Daran’s cold attitude.

And that’s what she got from him?

Reckless and Irresponsible?!

“I only married you because you are my mate,” Daran said nonchalantly. “Now, it’s time to end this relationship.”

Then Janet heard his voice saying:

“—As the Alpha of Riverside Pack, I, Daran Albright, hereby REJECT Janet Diaz as my mate!”


Janet let out a sharp cry as a strong pain coursed through her body mercilessly! Her wolf howled with her in despair.

It was the snapping of her mate bond with Daran.

It felt like setting fire to her body while stabbing a hundred blades into her flesh!

Janet collapsed on the ground, her body twitching in ache.

She tried to crawl to somewhere safe. But the rogue grabbed her by the ankle and stabbed down on her legs!

Janet screamed out in pain.

The rogue continued stabbing until she lost all abilities to move.

Janet lay on the ground with her blood pooling beneath her.

Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, gradually losing focus.


She was first abandoned by her own family.

And then rejected by her mate.

She was discarded like trash by everyone she once loved so dearly.

In a daze, Janet vaguely heard those rogues talking around her:

“…She passed out. Let’s cut her throat right now…”

“f*ck! Somebody’s coming! It was BloodMoon Pack’s patrol team! Let’s go!!”

Hurried footsteps were traveling away. And Janet was left alone on the icy floor.

She felt so cold.

She had lost too much blood.

She was dying now.

Just before the darkness completely closed upon her, Janet heard a new round of noises around her:

“…f*ck we let those rogues escape again…”

“…There’s a wounded she-wolf! We need help here!”

Somebody carried her off the ground. After a long way of ups and downs, Janet smelt disinfectant.

She was brought into a hospital.

Janet struggled to lift her eyelids. Against the strong light above her head, she vaguely saw a large group of people gathered around her.

They were all muttering excitedly:

“…Oh my god! Look at her birthmark! And her scent! This is BloodMoon Pack’s Alpha’s long-lost sister!”

“The sister who was given to the wrong family in the delivery room? Holy Crap it is her!”

“Someone call Alpha Casper right now!”

“His beloved sister is back!”

Read Kidnapped and Rejected - The Return of Alpha's Luna at 1001Novel (2024)
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