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Janet just finished her 12-hour shift as the cleaner at a local restaurant.

The sun was setting.

Janet rounded her arms around her body as tightly as she could and hurried down the street.

She knew that her day was far from over.

Something horrible was waiting for her after the nightfall.

“Check it out. It’s Luna Janet! The prettiest chick in Riverside Pack!”

Janet froze on her spot.

Yes, her full name was Janet Diaz.

…And she was the Luna of Riverside Pack.

She married the most powerful man in the pack. Yet still, she had to do hard labor like a slave and struggled from paycheck to paycheck.

…Because her husband hated her.

He only married her because she was his mate.

Right after the wedding, she was kicked out of the packhouse and had to take up a cleaner’s job to cover her rent.

She was bad news to everyone.

The woman was loathed by her own husband.

A couple of men appeared around the corner.

One beard guy blew a whistle at Janet and grinned, “Where to pretty? Need some company?”

Janet picked up her pace, pretending that she didn’t hear that.

Yet those men tagged along.

“Hey, put those hands down! Let us see those babies.”

“We know you have been dried up for a while. But don’t worry. With your body, we can pull an all-nighter!”

“We are here for you. ALL 4 of us. Do you want us to go one by one? Or together at once?”

They burst into laughter.

This had been going on for a while.

At first, it was an evil look, a whistle.

Then they started talking to her, following her around, ambushing her around the corner.

Janet could tell that they were losing their patience.

“GO AWAY!” She cried, “I am your Luna! You can’t do this!”

Their cackles grew louder.

“Oh Luna Janet, may I have your permission to enter your holy body?” one ginger-haired guy giggled.

“I am banging the Alpha’s wife tonight. Back and forth! Hope the Alpha won’t mind!” said the second guy.

“And then you can tell me which man’s business you like better. Me or your husband?” laughed the third guy.

She couldn’t stand this.

She started running.

Those annoying voices finally faded into the distance.

5 minutes later, she was back at her dingy apartment and quickly locked the door.

She finally felt safe.

She peeled her sweaty clothes off and was about to go into the bathroom.


“Open up, Luna! It’s us!” a gruff voice came from the outside.

Janet jerked around in horror.

How did they know about her address?

In a panic, she wrapped her body with a bath towel and cried, “Leave me alone! I am calling the police!”

The man laughed, “Oh, and the police are going to join us as well? You are a horny slu*t. You know that?”

They started banging on her door even harder. The lock creaked. The door was about to fall down.

Janet grabbed a chair and held it against the door. “Stop! Just…STOP PLEASE!”

Her voice was choked up.

The door was pushed open for an inch.

The beard guy’s face appeared around the crack.

“Oh are you crying?” he laughed, taking in the horrified look on her face. “Save the tear work till we get in. I like to see a woman cry when I am on top of her.”

“I will tell Alpha Daran about this! I swear—”

“You are practically trash to him. Everybody knows that. He won’t do a damn thing!”

The door was knocked down with a loud bang.

4 men entered her apartment, grinning unpleasantly.

“You are undressed already! Oh, I am so hard right now.” One guy was shaking out of excitement.

Janet wheeled around abruptly and dashed across the living room.

There was a back door at her apartment.

“f*ck! Stop her!” someone shouted.

Janet wrenched the door open and rushed outside.

She slipped and staggered as she ran. She tried knocking on her neighbor’s door.

“Help! Somebody help!” she cried.

Yet no one came out to help her.

One neighbor even yelled back at her, “Keep it down, whor*!”

Those 4 guys were out of her apartment as well, searching for her.

“She is over there!” one guy cried.

“That f*cking bitch…Don’t let her get away!”

Janet rushed outside of the building.

It started to rain. The temperature was freezing.

And she was running down the street, bared feet, wrapped only in a bath towel.

She would be ruined if she got caught.

Yet those heavy footsteps approached faster than she thought.

A hand grabbed her naked shoulder. She was tackled to the ground and fell into the ponds of rain.

“NO!!! HELP!!!”

She burst into tears, kicking and struggling.

Yet her ankles were caught in an iron grip, her legs separated.

One man climbed on top of her.

“I am going first,” said the bearded guy, breathing heavily. “God she is beautiful…”

“Why you? I spotted her first. It should be me!”

“Enough! We’ll go together. You two take her front and I will handle the back…”


With a screeching sound, a car halted to a sharp stop in front of them.

Bright front light caught the 5 of them in the middle of the street.

Janet shivered involuntarily. She couldn’t see the car clearly with the heavy rain. But was someone finally coming to help her?

“Oh my god…Janet?” a familiar voice gasped.

Janet snapped her head up in shock.

The window rolled down. A couple were in the back seat.

Her sister Harper was sitting on a man’s lap, her two arms wrapped around the man’s neck.

Her fancy gown was pulled down a bit, revealing her delicate cheekbone.

The man was Janet’s husband, Alpha of Riverside Pack, Daran.

They were clearly messing around in the car just a moment before.

Janet felt her whole world turned upside down:

…Her own sister and her husband? NO! How was this possible!!

“What is going on? Too horny to find a hotel?”

Harper rested her head on Daran’s chest and giggled.

“Check it out, Daran. Your Luna is doing it with 4 guys in the middle of a street!”

Daran held Harper’s slim waist and gazed down at Janet with disgust.


He uttered in a freezing voice.

Read The Return Of Alpha's Rejected Luna at 1001Novel (2024)
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