Scholastic Dollars Catalog 2023-2024 (2024)

1. Dollars Reward Catalogue 2023-2024 Dollars Reward ...

  • Curriculum-connected materials. More than 200 items! You can order all of the products in this catalogue online at or call Customer ...

  • Maximize BO K OY Partnering with you in making spending your Scholastic Dollars and Bonus Bank Rewards easy! Popular books and collections! More than 30 items! Support social emotional learning! More than 50 items! Furniture and Décor. More than 70 items! Digital and tech products. Hands-on coding, STEM, and more! Prizes and incentives for students. Scented bookmarks, stickers, pencils, & more! Curriculum-connected materials. More than 200 items! You can order all of the products in this catalogue online at or call Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860 . Attention Book Fairs customers: A separate Book Clubs account is required to access these great products!

2. All About Scholastic Dollars

  • Scholastic Dollars Catalog cover 2023-2024 season featuring toys, erasers, and books. Spend your Scholastic Dollars anytime—even as you're earning them. Shop ...

  • Hosting a Scholastic Book Fair earns your school Scholastic Dollars™. Learn how to redeem them at your Fair or in the Scholastic Dollars Catalog.

3. [PDF] Scholastic Dollars™ Catalog Order ID: 6408756 - Fulton County Schools

  • Scholastic Dollars™ Catalog. Order ID: 6408756. Page 1. Item. Quantity. Price. Total. 3D Magnetic Blocks STEM Set. Item #687899. 1. $199.99. $199.99. Angel (The ...

4. Scholastic Dollars - Login

  • How can I redeem my Scholastic Dollars profit and rewards? 1179 Views•Oct 27, 2023•Knowledge. How do I access the Scholastic Dollars Catalog online? 400 ...

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5. Digital Catalogues | Scholastic Education Canada

6. Warehouse Sale | Scholastic Book Fairs

  • Our Scholastic Dollars Catalog also features thousands of inexpensive titles, so you can replenish your school and classroom libraries with the newest, most ...

  • Warehouse Sales

7. PTSA - Scholastic Book Fair - Order Online Now

  • 28 sep 2023 · Sales will benefit FQMS and you will earn 25% in Scholastic Dollars until October 15, 2023. From now until October 8, take up to $30 off ...

  • Thu, 09/28/2023 - 11:02am

8. B93.7 contests -

  • 19 uur geleden · the iron claw showtimes near santikos entertainment palladiumscholastic dollars catalog 2023 2024 B-93 plays today's hottest music from ...

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9. Scholastic Bucks, Books, and Their Left-Overs | CitizensLighthouse

  • 9 sep 2023 · Consistent with their 2018 catalog, the second half of the 2022-2023 Scholastic Book Fair Catalog includes classroom supplies, furniture, ...

  • In 2018 I discovered the series Dork Diaries and the deleterious effects it has on children. Imagine your school book fair selling a book to your joyful seven year old; a book you have no idea is f…

10. Collier County Public Schools / Homepage

  • The School District of Collier County (CCPS) serves more than 47000 total students in 29 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 8 high schools, ...

  • The School District of Collier County (CCPS) serves more than 47,000 total students in 29 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 8 high schools, and a PreK-thru-12 school (Everglades City School).

11. Rockwood Valley Middle Teachers Team Up to Provide Students Fun ...

  • 3 dagen geleden · School Year Overview 2023-2024 toggle School ... Course Catalog toggle Course Catalog section ... Students read a Scholastic Scope article on ...

  • In Kassie Specht and Megan Rammacher’s sixth-grade language arts classes at Rockwood Valley Middle, students completed an end-of-the-year project by researching eating insects and creating arguments. Last week, they wrapped up their debates and had the opportunity to try edible bugs.

12. Scholastic Book Fairs, Explained: How They Work and Who Benefits

  • 20 okt 2023 · On average, a Scholastic book fair tends to make $6,000, which makes the average school profit $1,500 or 3,000 Scholastic dollars, Stone said.

  • What you need to know about what students can find at book fairs, who organizes them, who selects the books for them, and more.

13. Sumner-Bonney Lake School District: Home

  • Levy Dollars at Work · Register to Vote(opens in ... Course Catalog · Graduation Requirements · STEM ... The Rotary Club of Sumner recognized 23 seniors for ...

  • Home - Sumner-Bonney Lake School District

14. How to Apply to Grossmont College

  • (See college catalog and class schedule for specific information.) High school students will attend high school for at least the minimum high school day. High ...

  • How to Apply to Grossmont College

15. 2014 nissan rogue windshield wipers size - Andreia Project

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16. My Favorite Scholastic Dollars Catalog Purchases - The Book Bug

  • 18 mrt 2019 · My Favorite Scholastic Dollars Catalog Purchases. I'm currently in my 8th year of being a Media Specialist at my school. And I ...

  • I'm currently in my 8th year of being a Media Specialist at my school. And I've held a few book fairs during that time.  Our school uses...

17. Are you already dreaming about your next vacation in 2024 ... - bahia-fise

  • ... 2023 - 2024 (Ugandan Hits) nonstop Dj ... Accessing Cigna's OTC catalog is a breeze. The automotive ... Scholastic , 5% Use our free video converter to ...

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Scholastic Dollars Catalog 2023-2024 (2024)


How much money does a school get from Scholastic Book Fair? ›

At Scholastic fairs, schools can choose between taking 25 percent of the total fair revenue in dollars, or 50 percent of revenue in Scholastic dollars, which is internal currency districts can use to purchase library and curricular materials, stationery, library shelving and furniture, whiteboards, and other ...

How do I check my Scholastic dollars? ›

Oct 27, 2023•

Your school's Scholastic Dollars balance can be accessed from the Host Hub, in the Scholastic Dollars drop-down menu. Here you'll find all Scholastic Dollars transactions, as well as any unredeemed amounts, and when they will expire. Learn more about Scholastic Dollars.

How to calculate Scholastic dollars? ›

  1. Scholastic Dollars = 50% of sales. Cash Value = 25% of sales. or combination of profit options.
  2. Scholastic Dollars = 40% of sales. Cash Value = $0.
  3. Scholastic Dollars = 30% of sales. Cash Value = $0.
  4. Scholastic Dollars = 25% of sales. Cash Value = $0.

How to search for dollar books on Scholastic? ›

You can start your search on Scholastic HERE. First step: search for “picture book $1” in the search bar at the top of the page.

How much did Scholastic pay JK Rowling? ›

$105,000: Scholastic bought the rights to the "Harry Potter" series from Rowling for $105,000 after reading “Philosopher's Stone.” $7.7 billion: The total gross book sales of the "Harry Potter" series even eclipsed the box office total.

How much does Scholastic make a year? ›

Compare SCHL With Other Stocks
Scholastic Annual Revenue (Millions of US $)
11 more rows

What happened to Scholastic Book Fair? ›

Scholastic says it will stop offering the controversial collection of race- and gender-related titles at middle school book fairs starting in January. Scholastic is reversing course, saying it will no longer separate diverse stories for school book fairs after weeks of mounting backlash from educators and authors.

How to refund Scholastic dollars? ›

Contact Customer Care at 888-412-9124 if you can't connect to the Payment Portal, need to update your school's information, or would like to process a credit card refund (reminder: eWallet refunds can be processed in the Portal).

How do I redeem my Scholastic Rewards? ›

Redeeming Rewards

It's easy, you can redeem Bonus Bank Rewards to purchase any item on the site! All you have to do is apply your Bonus Bank Rewards upon checkout.

How do Scholastic Rewards work? ›

You may need your Fair ID which you'll find on your booking confirmation email. Rewards can be spent in the Scholastic Shop, where there are more than 10,000 titles to browse and buy. Any purchases made directly from the Scholastic Shop will also earn you 20% back in Rewards.

How do I check my Scholastic bonus points? ›

All the Bonus Points your class earns are automatically deposited into your own Bonus Point Bank account. With each class order, you will receive a packing list that provides a detailed Bonus Point Order Summary. You may also check your most up-to-date classroom Bonus Point balance by phone.

What is the Scholastic average? ›

The "academic average," or grade-point average (GPA), is the ratio of total quality points earned to total credit hours attempted.

How do I find my Scholastic dollars? ›

See your Scholastic Dollars balance in the Host Hub for specific expiration dates for each reward amount. Scholastic Dollars that you earn from a Fair will appear in your balance after your Fair's payment is finalized.

How do teachers get free books from Scholastic? ›

Teachers just sign in and share a link to their classroom page with families. Our improved “Connect to Teacher” search feature can help ensure that teachers receive family orders and earn points. All families will now submit orders online.

How much is Scholastic BookFlix? ›

As soon as we have finalized this information we will communicate it to you. How much does BookFlix cost? The annual cost for one building with more than 100 PreK-3 students to subscribe to BookFlix is $999 a year. If a school has less than 100 PreK-3 students, then the entry price is $599 per year.

Is Scholastic profitable? ›

During the quarter, Scholastic returned over $60 million to shareholders through repurchases and our regular dividend, demonstrating our confidence in the business. As we begin our largest and most profitable quarter of the year with strong expectations, we are affirming our revised fiscal 2024 guidance.

Who runs the Scholastic Book Fair? ›

Scholastic provides the books, planning tools, and display cases for all of the Book Fairs, which are run by volunteer parents, teachers, and school librarians.

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