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She was born as the legitimate daughter of Beta Henry's wife, enduring hardship for eight years before finally becoming the Luna of the Lycan King.However, fate was cruel as her husband fell in love with her elder sister and stripped her of her Luna position, forcing her son to die!In the cold and lonely prison, she gritted her teeth and drank the poisonous wine to the last drop!She vowed to the heavens that if there were a next life, she would never do good deeds to help others, never enter the palace, and never become a Luna!As the reincarnated daughter of the Prime Minister's residence, she returned as a wicked woman:An evil and malicious eldest sister? Schemes will send you to hell!A deceitful and treacherous elder sister? Cruel tear apart that beautiful facade!A scheming younger sister? Directly throw her into the abyss!Since they didn't let her live in peace, then no one should expect to live in peace!She had intended to distance herself from troubles; the farther, the better.But who would have expected the hearts of men, like a needle at the bottom of the sea, impossible to find or guess?The man who swore to leave her behind now wanted to live and die for her sake.Her lifelong enemy in her previous life secretly admired her for many years.And what was even more unfortunate was being entangled by the most handsome and unrivaled man in the world...

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  • The Return of LunaChapter 138:The second stepmother’s eyes swelled like peaches. If anyone who looked at her would think she was so compassionate.Only she knew how much effort it took to put on this facade, even using the best perfumes layered six or seven times just to make her complexion appear slightly paler.When she saw Felicia dressed in vibrant red, she was initially surprised, but then a bitter smile appeared in her eyes, and she determined not to give her time to change clothes.She grabbed her hand and said, “Quickly come in, senior lady is waiting for you!”Felicia misunderstood the meaning behind these words, becoming even more convinced that her maternal grandmother had passed away.Overwhelmed with joy, she tried to restrain her expression of happiness, intending to brush off the woman’s hand.However, unable to avoid the onlookers, she was forcefully dragged into the main hall by the woman. As soon as she stepped inside, she heard the second stepmother exclaim, “Senior lady, Felicia has returned!”
  • The Return of LunaChapter 137:Emma estimated it to be three months, but in reality, Luna Sandra passed away just a short month after the mourning was announced at Alpha Goode Manor.On that day, before dawn had even broken, representatives from the Goreng family were already knocking on the grand doors of the Seldom family mansion.Carol received the news first and hurriedly came to report, “Luna Sandra has passed away!”Although prepared for it beforehand, upon hearing those words ringing in her ears, she still felt surprised.“Why so soon?” Luther beside her couldn’t help but remark.Carol’s face carried a hint of sarcasm as she replied, “After the Goreng family brought her back, just as the young lady said, they invited the Imperial Physician from the palace to examine her, but the lady’s condition had already deteriorated critically. She refused to take her medicine. The Goreng family tried everything, even inviting a renowned healer from the south, but before that person could arrive in the Capital, Luna Sand
  • The Return of LunaChapter 136:Luna Sandra despised this second maid, her eyes darting around, wide open with surprise. It turned out that every flower, every blade of grass, every door and window, every piece of furniture, and even the mountainside, the dining hall, everything was plastered with yellow talismans.This bizarre scene left Luna Sandra dumbfounded.Miona exclaimed, “This is—”She turned back to look at Luna Sandra, her eyes questioning, but Luna Sandra seemed bewildered, unable to say anything. Nanny Marry breathed a sigh of relief; currently, Luna Sandra was confined to her room, though she ate and took her medicine three times a day as usual. However, the third young lady had quietly instructed that no one be allowed to talk to her. Over time, Luna Sandra seemed to forget how to communicate, spending her days in a daze, her nerves gradually deteriorating. Now she even refused to take her medication, constantly claiming to see spirits and sometimes even rolling off the bed. At this moment, her breath
  • The Return of LunaChapter 135:Luna Sandra’s grandmother observed Emma from afar, clad in simple attire, with a graceful figure and gentle footsteps. Her eyes carried a hint of a smile as she appeared, lacking the ostentatious beauty of a moonflower, yet her gentle smile and serene demeanor, with tranquil eyebrows, exuded a rustic elegance, akin to a proud white orchid.Luna Sandra glanced, immediately recognizing Emma’s subtle strength. Such a girl lacked the captivating beauty of Felicia, but concealed her own power and charm. While she seemed plain at first glance, she stood out among a myriad of blooming flowers, inadvertently dominating the room.Emma acknowledged Luna Sandra’s assessing gaze with a calm smile, sincerely addressing her, “Emma pays respects to the maternal grandmother, the first sister-in-law.”Luna Sandra remained silent, her maid Miona astute, stepping forward to support Emma’s hand, carefully assessing her from head to toe, remarking, “The third cousin is exquisite, pure and gentle, generous
  • The Return of LunaChapter 134:He suddenly remembered something, his face darkening. “Has someone angered you?” The words had barely left his mouth when he immediately felt regret. Tentatively, he reached out, lifting her face, a tear as cold as ice falling onto his hand without warning. Clearly cold as it was, the young man’s heart felt as if it had been scorched in an instant, a pain inexplicable.Emma raised her head, her eyes devoid of tears, as if the tear in his hand was merely an illusion. She smiled gently, whispering to the confused young man, “Younger brother...”Now, the only person she could fully rely on was him.If possible, she hoped, he would not change throughout his life.“I won’t let anyone bully you.” The young man reached out, stroking her soft hair.Emma was stunned, then immediately smiled. At this moment, she thought the young man was joking, but later discovered she had been mistaken.Today, Dan rode a horse straight to the Seldom family’s residence.Dan hurried to Emma’s side, kneeling dow
  • The Return of LunaChapter 133:The king, very suspicious. So everything that happened today was within Emma’s calculations.Emma turned away, and the distant fire cast an uncertain flickering light on her face. Her voice was calm, so ordinary that nobody could sense the unprecedented fatigue beneath it. She said, “I did this for the Seventh Prince’s own good.”Edward looked at her in surprise.Emma continued, “Today’s events, on the surface, Luna Daisy, were reprimanded by King Lycan. However, King Lycan knows he wronged Luna Daisy and even contemplated assassination. King Lycan will conclude that someone overwhelmed with jealousy against his beloved consorts plotted against Luna Daisy, always so gentle. Tell me, who will think King Lycan is a threat and resort to taking action against her?”“You intentionally chose Luna Meria?” Edward looked at her in disbelief.“That’s right, Luna Meria’s second son, who is also my Second Elder Brother, was married into the Alpha Male’s household. He has a legitimate daughter who
  • The Return of LunaChapter 132:King Lycan’s face turned purple with anger, and he ordered an investigation. The result of the investigation found a wooden nameplate hanging from the waist of one of the palace maids, used for distinguishing the maids. This nameplate was traced back to Luna Daisy’s palace.At that moment, the expressions of everyone present changed dramatically.Luna Daisy had always been highly favored by King Lycan and had remained unshaken in her position for many years. But now, King Lycan was furious as he held up the wooden nameplate meant to distinguish the palace maids and threw it strongly in Luna Daisy’s direction, saying, “Luna Daisy, is this the good deed you’ve done?”Luna Daisy’s face suddenly turned pale. She had been in the palace for many years and had seen her fair share of such situations, but she had never witnessed King Lycan this furious. Overwhelmed by the sudden catastrophe, she was so frightened that she almost collapsed on the ground. Her usually sharp mind went blank, and s
  • The Return of LunaChapter 131:Luna Meria, upon hearing these words, displayed anger and bitterness on her face, saying, “Emma, if it weren’t for your desire to compete with Naomi, how could she end up in this state? Everything is because of you...”Monami looked at Luna Meria with sympathy and believed that this had nothing to do with Emma. If it weren’t for Naomi’s haughty attitude, Emma wouldn’t have wanted to compete with her. Furthermore, her injury was an unfortunate accident. Just as Monami was about to speak, Emma gently interrupted, saying, “Miss Monami, I have a few words to speak with my aunt. Could you step out for a moment?”Monami was a wise and tactful young lady who understood human nature. She believed Emma wanted to explain things to Luna Meria, so she smiled and said, “Of course I’ll leave for now. I’ll find you later.” As she observed the behavior of many young noble ladies who were often haughty, Monami, with her martial family background, admired Emma’s straightforward, intelligent, and courag
  • The Return of LunaChapter 130:“Carol, present your treasure to the Seventh Prince,” Emma gestured.Carol approached Emma with a stony face and retrieved a bronze mirror from within her clothes, and Edward quickly understood.“I asked Carol to pay attention to the surroundings. When that person shot the arrow, she signaled me,” Emma explained simply. Many complex details, such as how Carol had detected Samuel, how she had chosen the perfect moment, and how they had communicated, remained unspoken, but Edward still understood.It was all part of a carefully orchestrated plan.Emma invited Naomi to the horse race, but in reality, she had intended for Naomi to die in her place.Edward asked, puzzled, “Why did you choose Naomi? From what I know, you are ruthless and wouldn’t spare the innocent.”Emma chuckled and replied, “Some people have been noticing Luna Meria and Naomi coming to Luna Daisy’s camp the past few days. They wondered why they were so concerned about me. I thought I should repay their kindness in some w

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The Return of Luna PDF & Novel Online by Sebastian to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (19)

Camilita Vargas

I've just finished all the chapters available and I'm anxious for the next ones! If you ignore the grammar, you'll read a true and extremely successful revenge story, one of the best I ever read! FL is fierce, cunning and has no regrets! She wants blood, and she'll have it! I'm loving it!

2023-11-29 11:43:44


The Return of Luna PDF & Novel Online by Sebastian to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (20)

Delinda Schumacher

96 chapters 10-3-23

2023-10-04 00:17:56


The Return of Luna PDF & Novel Online by Sebastian to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (21)

Gary Golden

This book drags on and is very hard to follow.

2023-11-21 10:11:42

The Return of Luna PDF & Novel Online by Sebastian to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (2024)
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